Bird Cage Iron Bird Parrot Cage Play Top Macaw Cockatoo Parakeet Cage + Plastic feeder & plastic tray & Swing Bird Home


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-The top of the cage is equipped with a handle, carrying a belt, easy to move, as you want-put in different places

-Made of standard low carbon steel

-The new plastic injection cup is durable

-With independent licking cage door

-Drawer-type injection molded chassis, easy to clean

-Metal bottom screen, sanitary and clean

-The distance between the wire rods is 10mm 


Product packaging size: 44*44*14.5cm

Weight: 2.95 kg

Material: low carbon steel ABS plastic, resin coating, pine wood, etc.

Wire: 1.6mm/2.8mm

1、Product features: practical shape, beautiful proportions, intimate detail design, easy to use, strong and durable

2、Product design: It is made of metal wire welding, fine workmanship, convenient assembly, high-temperature electrostatic treatment (to 

prevent rust), which ensures the beautiful surface of the product, and is an ideal residence for pets

3、 The scope of application of the product: small parrots, canaries, love birds, etc.

(The actual bulk products do not include those bird toys, so customers need to buy them by themselves)

Package Included:

Wooden perch pole*2

White plastic eating cup*2

Red clip*2

Bottom screen *1

Drawer plastic tray *1

Assembly instruction *1 


Product packaging protection measures: high resilience pearl cotton, shockproof foam, corrugated paper 

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