Joint Care For Dogs – 3 Ways You Can Help Your Dog

Joint Care For Dogs – 3 Ways You Can Help Your Dog!
By Lee A. Murray

If your best friend is hurting, I have a few suggestions which may help. Joint care for dogs is not to be taken lightly by any means, as it can save your little buddy a lot of future agony… and yourself a lot of money!

There are 3 powerful things you can do to give your dog the best joint care possible. Whether your dog is healthy as can be, has mild to moderate joint pain, or is full-blown arthritic, these steps will ensure that your dog is healthy and happy. Ready? Great!

Joint Care For Dogs – 3 Ways You Can Help Your Dog:

Massage and acupressure are HUGE! Most dogs experience joint problems in their hips, knees, and elbows. By simply taking a few minutes out of your day to lay your dog down and massage the muscles surrounding these joints (avoiding the joints themselves) you will be giving your special friend a tremendous gift. For added benefit, firmly squeeze each of the akeela’s tendons of your dog (while he/she is still lying down) for 30 to 60 seconds each. Just watch your dog relax in pure bliss!
Keep your dog active. If he or she is arthritic, it is best to provide light exercise. An overweight dog is far more prone to develop osteoarthritis (joint and bone swelling), and you do NOT want that for your dog! If this is already your dog’s misfortune, it is definitely advised to keep your dog from being sedentary. Light exercise and a responsible diet are key!
Try to avoid medications. Instead, favor natural supplements. Supplements containing homeopathic ingredients proven to prevent swelling, friction, fluid retention, stiffness, weakness, and pain in your dog’s joints is ideal.

Following these three steps should get and keep your dog on the right track. This is joint care for dogs that anyone can provide. You and your buddy are going to do great!

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